We have newly launched a beauty division, Hanako Pure Beauty, to our wellness services. Our aim is to enhance each client’s uniqueness and assist each client with learning more about proper beauty skin care in a private and refined environment. Our approach to beauty is holistic and contemporary thus giving our clients a fresh perspectives on their own self-worth.

Beauty Services

–       Sugaring

–       Waxing

–       Chocolate Waxing

–       Threading

–       Eyelash Lifting

–       Vegan Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting

–       Natural Facials

–       Back Facials

–        Crystal Reiki Facial

–       Microblading (soon to come)

We have a variety of waxes to suit all your hair removal wants and needs. Our Strip Waxes & Cartridge Waxes exfoliate your skin leaving it feeling smooth & silky post waxing.


Our Sugar Wax and Chocolate Wax are hypoallergenic waxes which are ideal for sensitive skin. These natural waxes are made by us and do not contain any preservatives or waxes.

Chocolate Waxing

All our Facials are done with natural ingredients such as freshly ground turmeric, sandalwood, tea tree and raw, cold pressed cocoa.

Natural Facials

We also produce our own Post Wax Marigold Balm which is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory and anti-septic balm.

Hanako Wellness imports the best anti-bacterial threading cotton which we use for facial hair removal and defining of eyebrows.


An Eyelash Lifting Treatment is the perfect way to give your eyelashes a fantastic curl that will last weeks. Eyelash lifting treatments give your lashes lift, separation and extra definition without the use of extensions. The Eyelash Lifting Treatment lasts around 6 to 8 weeks but can vary from person to person.

Our Eyelash lifting treatments are gentle and cruelty free. The Eyelash Lifting Treatment is applied on your lashes while you relax, eyes closed on a therapy bed for approximately 45 minutes.


Add on our cruelty free and vegan Eyelash Tint to your Lift Treatment. Eyelash Tinting only takes a few minutes and leaves your lashes looking darker and fuller for weeks.

*As your skincare and well-being is important to us, a free patch test is required 48 hours prior to your first appointment with us.*

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